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Well, the recording gear is now set up in my living room. I was using the bedroom, but the living room is more open and will work better for Jack and I to record our guitar and vocal parts. It's not anything like the studio I had on Fairview Lane, with soundproof walls and all, but it will do. When I moved here last year (can't believe it's been over a year already!), I had plans of turning one side of the garage into a studio, but God kept saying "no" to that. And now I can see that wasn't the best plan. Just like staying at 63 Fairview Lane wasn't the best plan, even though that's where my studio was. Isn't God good? But so often we don't see that until after the fact. His plan truly is best.

If you had told me a year or so ago that the guys and I could record a new CD without the studio on Fairview Lane, I'd have said no way. Or even that I could record a CD myself. But yet, "My Praise, My Prayer" is now a reality, and the band's new CD is on it's way as well. God provides, and not always like we hope He will. I've had to let go of my desires, my ways, my limitations and a few other things, but when I do, He says "OK, now we're ready - let's do this!"

Is God waiting for you to let go of something? Are you hanging onto your way of doing things, maybe telling God that you can't do something because you don't have the resources? I never thought I could ever record an album in a living room, but guess what? It's being done! Friend, move forward with God, using whatever He has given you. Take what you have and use it for His glory, serving Him and serving others. He'll bless your efforts, and He'll bless you as well.

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