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A new CD for the band.....

About a week ago the guys and I started work on a our first ever CD project tpgether as a band. Now, Dana and I played in at least 3 secular bands over the years, including "Travelin'" and "Sensation", starting way back in the mid-70s. We played in bars, night clubs and for lots of wedding receptions and parties in the Glens Falls and Lake George area, but who would have ever thought back then that we'd be recording a Christian CD together now? Isn't God great? We never know where He will take us or how He will use us, but we can be sure that what He does in us and through us will be good. He's now using the gifts and talents that He developed in us back then to be a blessing to people (and each other) now.

We all so excited about this CD. As of now, (about Sept. 27) we're almost done recording the drum parts. We've rented space to use for a studio for a month in order to have space to set up and record Dana's drum parts and whatever other parts we can get done in that time. Then we'll set the recording equipment back up in my house here at 17 Fairview Street, and Jack and I will record our vocal, keyboard and guitar parts here. We hope to have it done and ready by Christmas, or shortly after the first of the year.

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