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As summer winds down and another fall  begins, I'm again reminded that just as nature changes seasons, there are seasons in our lives. I know this is not a new revelation for me, or for you, but I thought I'd write just a little bit about where I am right now. For years I've struggled with balancing between my career as a real estate appraiser with music and ministry, trying to do both and not combing them very successfully or efficiently. That stress doesn't usually show on the outside, but those who know me best know it's there.

But now the season seems to be changing. God has brought several people into my life who are willing and able to help expand what God has given me to do. And I realize, it's not about them helping ME, but that God has given them a desire to use their gifts in His service as much as I do. He's brought us together to accomplish His plans and purpose. And so we look ahead with anticipation about what lies ahead, and I hope that you will join us (it's not "me" anymore" as God leads on this path.

More details to come.....

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