Get Out Of That Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone. Those two words bring out different emotions and reactions for me depending on what I’m going through at the time. There are times I like my comfort zone. It’s well, … comfortable. I can rest there. I don’t have to do anything there. Just rest and be comfortable. Like sitting in my recliner, like I am now, writing this. I’m comfortable. But sooner or later I’ll have to get out of this chair – especially if I want anyone to read this blog. Which, by the way, is about getting out of our comfort zones. 

I think for most of us, we would choose to stay where it’s comfortable. I mean, life throws enough stuff at us that make us uncomfortable, so why would we actually choose more?

 Now let’s bring this around and apply it to music. I started out playing guitar around 6th grade. I don’t remember that as getting out of my comfort zone – I just wanted to play the guitar. But when a couple of us guys started up a little band, nobody else wanted to sing. So I tried it. I guess the other guys did, too, but only after I did. So I was the one who did most of the singing. And to do it, I had  to get out of my comfort zone. Later I tried my hand (I could only play with one at first) at playing the organ. More comfort zone left behind. And probably the biggest comfort zone I had to leave was in 1997 when I started hosting my own radio show. It took me months to say yes to that request!

 But each time I broke free of a comfort Zone, and walked through what Bruce Wilkinson calls in his book, “The Dream Giver”, the “Wall Of Fear”, it wasn’t just for me. It was ultimately for other people, so that God could touch them through me. And that’s what He wants to do with you, too. You may be facing a huge Wall Of Fear right now in your music. You’ve gotten comfortable where you are, but you sense God’s leading to move on, to move forward, to somewhere and something that isn’t all that comfortable. Maybe it’s writing down those songs you’ve got in your head, and maybe recording them for the world to hear. It might be saying yes to the worship leader at church who’s been asking you to play or sing.  Maybe it’s to move to another area, or attend a different church where your gifts are needed.

 I want to remind you that what God wants to do in you, and through you, is so that you will be a blessing to others. He will go before you to open doors, to make a way, and He will provide what you need when you need it. But if you say no to what’s He’s asking, you’ll never know what blessings He would have provided, never see His power in your life and what He would have done through you. So be sure of what He’s asking, and then say yes. Get out of that comfort zone. You, and many other people, will be glad you did!

In my experience, God rarely makes our fear disappear. Instead, he asks us to be strong and take courage.
— Bruce Wilkinson