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"The Jesscott Music Hour"

The Jesscott Music Hour

"The Greatest Music In All Creation!"

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"The Jesscott Music Hour", a weekly 60-minute podcast that features music from regional and nationally-known Independent Christian artists, along with other devotionals, poetry and inspirational features including the "Consider This" devotional series from Ted Brennan, poetry from Bobby Williams and others, and Ron Hutchcraft's "A Word With You".

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The program is available each Friday along with several previous programs in case you miss one!

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Thanks and a shout out to these stations for also airing "The Jesscott Music Hour" each week:

HeartRight Radio

WNGN 91.9 FM

The WJIC Network

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Star 99

Lighthouse Gospel Radio

Worship Cafe Inspirations

Eagle Wings Radio

WBNI Christian Radio

His Message, His Call Radio


 "Christian Artists on the air, and God in the spotlight"