You Are My Hiding Place - Single

Paul Gibbs

Arranged and performed by Paul Gibbs of Jesscott Music Ministries.

From the writer, Michael Ledner, 6/20/16: "I wrote "You Are My Hiding Place" in 1980 and it was published 1981 by Maranatha! Music. I wrote it because I like to write music and use Scripture - especially the Psalms. It was January, 1980. I was playing guitar on my bed with open Bible in the Psalms. I wrote lots of "songs of deliverance" at that time while I was going through a divorce. I'm happily remarried with 2 children and 7 awesome grandkids and I'm still writing songs. About the Israel connection - about a year after I wrote my song I was living in Israel for a short time, There was fighting going on at that time in Northern Israel but I was in Southern Israel. The song seemed to bring comfort to some of my friends that were up North while they were in the shelters and listening to the bombs going off in the background. While in Israel, Maranatha! Music contacted me and asked to publish the song. Regarding the song "Phantom Of The Opera" which Andrew Lloyd Weber wrote in 1985, whether or not he stole the melody, consciously or subconsciously, or whether or not it was just a coincidence that, years after I wrote my song, he ended up writing his song using the same exact 9 first notes of the song (and same exact chord pattern for those 9 notes), I do not know. If he did and is reading this, he should know that I have no intent to sue him for copyright infringement - though he ought to make some kind of amends nevertheless (my email is George Harrison got sued for unintentionally stealing the melody and chords from "He's So Fine" (by the Chiffons) when he published "My Sweet Lord." Anyway, the main thing for me is that people would draw close to the Lord as they hear and/or sing the song. I do all things for His pleasure (2 Corinthians 5:9,10)."

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